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The XLOCK 40 can be used in furniture and change rooms in fitness and sport facilities. The bolt does not require a special locking part. The design of a coin lock means that mechanical systems can be converted quickly. The XLOCK 40 is often used as a freelocker lock in offices and hotels. Optionally, an LED light indicates the “locker occupied status”. The bolt position can be changed to DIN left or DIN right door. Read More


The XLOCK 50 was specially designed for flaps. It is the smallest and slimmest lock in the XLOCK family. The low overall height is ideal for installations in flaps. Especially with designer furniture made of metal, the XLOCK 50 is often sunk into the door. The set consists of three components: 1 # Latch unit 2 # Electronics - battery compartment 3 # Antenna Read More