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The XLOCK 140 is a classic bolt lock and therefore an allrounder. Via the XL Lock Manager the manual or automatic locking can be programmed: automatic locking after 5-900 seconds or manual locking with open/close function. The lock can be installed invisibly or with an external antenna including a MicroUSB connection for emergency opening. A special mounting plate for metall lockers is available. Read More


The XLOCK 100 unlocks powerful and quickly. It is installed invisibly from the outside and is the perfect lock for revolving doors without a handle. The door springs open automatically thanks to 3 strong springs in the lock. When the door is closed, it is securely locked.  Read More


The XLOCK 180 can be used in flaps, revolving doors, sliding doors, drawers, glass and metal cabinets. Due to the large number of accessories you can use the lock to adapt to any type of furniture. Read More


The XLOCK 90 is a digital rotary cylinder that can unlock and lock several drawers at the same time with one powerful movement. Thanks to its compact design, the XLOCK 90 can be installed in mobile containers, tool cabinets, medical furniture and much more. The locking adapter on the motor can be individually adapted to the different mechanical systems. The three lock components, (1) bolt unit (2) electronic battery box and (3) antenna are put together flexibly. Read More


The XLOCK 60 unlocks powerfully and quickly - the perfect lock for revolving doors with no door handle. The door springs open automatically thanks to 3 strong springs. When the door is closed, the storage is securely locked. Employee lockers in open plan offices and lockers in fitness studios are popular applications.  Read More


The XLOCK 10 can be installed in flaps, revolving doors, drawers, glass doors, espagnolettes and metal cabinets. The antenna can be positioned in three different places in the lock depending on the area of application - below, in front or on the side. The latch is changeable. Various latch adapters and locking parts enable installation in 40 different types of furniture. A matching lock cover was developed for designers. The covers and locking parts are available in different colors. Read More


The XLOCK 20 can be used in glass showcases, revolving doors and flaps. It was specially developed for wired installation in the furniture body. On the side of the XLOCK 20 is the connection strip for the external power supply and the master/slave function. The locking part matches the feedback contact in the lock. The alarm can be set so that it is activated if the door is broken or if the door is “open too long”. Read More


The XLOCK 30 unlocks powerfully and quickly. It is especially designed for drawers. The drawer springs open automatically thanks to 3 strong springs. When the drawer is closed, it is securely locked. Read More