Who we are

At XLOCK, we’re pioneers in revolutionizing access control solutions, offering seamless and innovative products tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern workplaces and living spaces. Our specialty lies in furniture locks, where we excel in digitalizing access to storage furniture. With invisible installations enhancing furniture design while ensuring secure locking, and most of our solutions are compatible with existing technologies on the market. Say goodbye to physical key handovers with our digitalization of keys. Our platform offers a one-stop solution for all access rights, ensuring encrypted transfer of digital keys and easy handling of temporary access without any monthly software costs. Whether for private homes, small businesses, or large corporations, our solutions adapt seamlessly to diverse settings. From building entrances to mailboxes and wardrobes, we provide comprehensive access control solutions for every space. Our software solutions offer a simple and straightforward design, providing users and administrators with an overview of all user rights in one place. With features like generating temporary pin codes and easy integration with existing systems, managing access has never been easier. With our book iT tool, users can effortlessly book lockers as needed, making it a win-win situation for both users and administrators in hybrid working environments, event locations and more.


Thomas Vogler //

Founder & Headquarter Europe

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Lisa Ritter-Petersen //

Head of Scandinavia

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XLOCK Partners

Marcus Anwander //


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Andreas Gräßl //


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Markus Lintner //


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Johannes Klien //


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Jürgen Steinmeyer //


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Hartmut Schleicher //


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Herbert Wieland //


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Dominik Hell //


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Lars Erik Sikkeland //


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Risto Heino //


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Neil Jenkins //

United Kingdom

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Franz Schubert //


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Martin Chung //


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John Duffin //

New Zealand

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Dennis Choy //


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The XLOCK Journey

XLOCK sees itself as an innovation driver and manufacturer of high-quality digital furniture locks. With over 20 years of experience in the provision of innovative lock solutions and numerous, successfully completed projects all over the world, XLOCK has the know-how to offer experiences that go beyond pure function.

1999 // Company Founded
Thomas Vogler, master locksmith and Mechatronics engineer, founder of data mobile. The first developments start: hardware and software products for access control systems.
2006 // First digital furniture lock
Invention of the first chipbox® furniture lock. It is a small, robust, cable-free, RFID furniture lock that can be installed invisibly.
2008 // First bigger project
First major order for 50,000 Italian designer furniture is equipped with chipbox® locks. This project has been running flawlessly to this day.
2012 // International Appearance
The chipbox® concept offers over 40 installation options. First appearance at the international security fair SECURITY in Essen.
2013 // Convincing at the world’s leading trade fair for furniture
chipbox® convinces at the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production INTERZUM in Cologne, with the first LEGIC® Chip / chipbox® furniture lock.
2017 // Chipbox ® becomes XLOCK
chipbox® becomes XLOCK®. The XLOCK family continues to grow and is compatible with all RFID standards such as LEGIC®, Mifare®, HID® NFC… and KleverKey.
2018 // Worldwide Partners
Own developments for smartphones with BLE, NFC and PIN code XLOCK® becomes international with worldwide partners in D.A.CH, Perth, Sydney, Auckland, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok.
2021 // XLOCK App & XLOCK Scandinavia
Founding of XLOCK® Scandinavia ApS in Copenhagen. A software development company for XLOCK app, web interface and BLE applications is founded.