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  • Customised_XLOCK


    Our wide range of product innovations adapt to your needs. You find XLOCK in hospitals, universities, office buildings, labs, museums, shops and many more settings.

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  • XLOCK family

    Digital furniture locks

    XLOCK products give you an easy and invisible way of unlocking and locking drawers, lockers, cabinets and sliding doors. This is done by RFID card, key fob, PIN Code, Biometric or Smartphone. XLOCK products are compatible to all existing credentials.

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  • XLOCK Manager

    XLOCK Lock Manager

    Manage all access control through the XLOCK Lock Manager, while operating on high to maximum security standard – smart and simple! The layout of the App is user-friendly, and you can grant, delete or update all digital keys at any time and from anywhere. And using the XLOCK Lock Manager, you get real time reporting in order to see who unlocked the XLOCK at what time. 

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  • XLOCK Handle H20

    Our smart door handle gives its users the freedom to choose between six different access options. Whether you wish to unlock your door via Bluetooth, NFC tag, permanent or time-based PIN Codes, Biometrics, Mechanical key or Remote unlocking via Gateway – the choice is yours. 

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  • XLOCK Smartbox

    XLOCK Smartbox is your smart key box with 24/7 access. Simply store your house and car keys, access cards and more for easy sharing amongst different users. Generate and send temporary and permanent PIN Codes to other users, or grant access via the XLOCK App for Bluetooth unlocking.

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  • XLOCK Wallreader

    The XLOCK Wallreader has 3 access options: PIN Code, Smartphone and NFC Cards. All of these can replace your physical key(s) and thereby the hassle of key management. The XLOCK App gives the administrator the possibility to manage all permissions over the app while transforming the smartphone into a secure digital key for the users.

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Innovated for Everyone

XLOCK sees itself as an innovation driver and manufacturer of high-quality digital furniture locks. With over 20 years of experience in the provision of innovative lock solutions and numerous, successfully completed projects all over the world, XLOCK has the know-how to offer experiences that go beyond pure function.

XLOCK family