XLOCK Manager

XLOCK Wireless Smart Series

Mobile access

With the XLOCK Wireless Smart Series you can assign, re-assign, book and share a locker via the XL Lock Manager app.

With the help of the XL Lock Manager App on your mobile, tablet or desktop you can program and administrate locks easily at any time and from anywhere in accordance with the most preferable operation scenario.

  • Lock setting
  • Firmware update
  • Book, share and assign a locker from anywhere, at any time
  • Smartphone unlocking via Bluetooth
  • Log files
  • Lock information check
  • User information check
  • Pro-active maintenance
  • Emergency lock open
  • Remote unlocking via Gateway (optional accessory)

Moreover, XLOCK Wireless Smart Series can be easily programmed to work in assigned mode with Multi-user and Multi-lock functions.
In addition to that, multi-functionality and accessibility via various credentials makes XLOCK Wireless Smart Series the best solution to meet even the most demanding operation requirements.

Enable your storage furniture today and make key management a breeze.

The lock can be installed on new or existing storage furniture made of different kinds of materials, including metal, wood, glass & laminate etc. with any thicknesses.

Lock types available for storage furniture with sliding doors, flaps, revolving doors, drawers and much more.




  • Unique user experience: Provide convenience by using a smartphone
  • Easy self registration via XL Lock Manager app: Bypass front desk / No waiting in queue
  • No other credential needed: No more keys, RFID cards and/or PIN Codes to remember
  • Convenient and user-friendly app on smartphone


  • Better operational efficiency: All access administration in one location
  • Simple administration: Super easy to use across smartphones, tablets and desktops
  • Data & Insight for pro-active maintenance by monitoring battery status, occupancy and more
  • Flexible remote control
  • App allows admin to set up locks without using computer-based software
  • Open the app and set up locks using Bluetooth functions
  • No need for computer software, programming cards or card reader – the smartphone is your programming device

XL Lock Manager App

Stop paying expensive fees and be part of the revolution.

Free for all, no monthly fee

Unlimited usage with no subscription fees!

The only free administration platform for storage furniture access management.

  • Unlimited unlocking with your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • User-friendly layout: Super easy to use across mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Data & Insight for pro-active maintenance by monitoring battery status, log files and more
  • Unlimited users: Invite your employees, colleagues and friends and share access with just a view clicks
  • Everything you need to manage your storage in one easy-to-use solution
  • Flexible remote control from anywhere and at any time
  • Remote unlocking via Gateway (optional accessory)
  • Cloud based administration


Via the XL Lock Manager App on your smartphone, tablet or desktop the operation mode can be adjusted at any time with just a view clicks, even when installed.

  • Assign a certain locker to a user (personal storage) for self-management: User can unlock with smartphone and can share access rights to other users if desired.
  • Share unlimited lockers per user (multiple access): Admin can share access to several lockers with one user.
  • Multiple users (unlimited) to one locker (shared storage): Admin can share locker with multiple users.
  • Remote unlocking by admin and/or user (Gateway as optional accessory required)
  • book iT tool in XL Lock Manager app
  • User can select any empty locker to use as they wish via XL Lock Manager app
  • Programmable for time based bookings (admin sets allowance for booking duration)
  • Programmable for time specified unlocking via Gateway
  • Dashboard with data & insight on battery status, occupancy and more for the facility management


Invisible and visible (with emergency opening) lock versions available.


  • XLOCK 100

    The XLOCK 100 unlocks powerful and quickly. It is installed invisibly from the outside and is the perfect lock for revolving doors without a handle. The door springs open automatically thanks to 3 strong springs in the lock. When the door is closed, it is securely locked. 

  • XLOCK 140

    The XLOCK 140 is a classic bolt lock and therefore an allrounder. Via the XL Lock Manager the manual or automatic locking can be programmed: automatic locking after 5-900 seconds or manual locking with open/close function. The lock can be installed invisibly or with an external antenna including a MicroUSB connection for emergency opening. A special mounting plate for metall lockers is available.

  • XLOCK 180

    The XLOCK 180 can be used in flaps, revolving doors, sliding doors, drawers, glass and metal cabinets. Due to the large number of accessories you can use the lock to adapt to any type of furniture.

  • XLOCK 220

    XLOCK 220 is perfectly suited for use in cabinets, drawers and sliding doors. The lock is mounted on the inside of the furniture and is therefore invisible from the outside, which emphasises design & aesthetics. All key management is managed via the XLOCK Lock Manager app with unlimited smartphone users. Remote unlocking is possible via Gateway.