XLOCK Smartbox

The smart keybox for simple key management.

PIN Code sharing & unlocking.

Temporary & Permanent PIN Codes // Share your PIN Codes via the XLOCK App.

Simply share temporary or permanent PIN Codes via the XLOCK App. No need for guests to download the app to receive Pin Codes to access. Simply share the PIN code via Whats App, SMS or E-Mail. Temporary PIN Codes are a great solution for one time or time limited users, such as Airbnb guests, cleaning service and craftsman.

Bluetooth Unlocking

Share a digital key via the XLOCK App // There is no limit to the numbers of keys to share

A single swipe to unlock your Smartbox! Grant permission via the XLOCK App to family and permanent users. A real time report shows you who accessed at what time.

Accessible 24/7

Store your keys safely. // You will never forget another key.

No more complicated key handovers when renting out your apartment or craftsman need access. Store the needed keys for easy sharing amongst different users.

Easy installation

Whether you mount it on a wall, hang it to the door handle or a fence, no alterations are needed to make it fit.

Waterproof and scratch resistant

Zinc alloy body // Strong and durable

The XLOCK Smartbox is IP66 certified, which means that it is able to withstand water with high-pressure. Could be used for outdoor, operation temperature ranges from -25°C – 55°C (-13°F – 131°F).