XLOCK Handle H20

Are you looking for an elegant door handle with simple and smart access management?

The XLOCK Handle H20 is the slimmest smart door locks¬†we have. This digital keyless door lock is made to last – wireless installation and weather-resistant 304 stainless steel construction means it’s ideal for internal and external doors. With it’s sophisticated design you ensure that your property looks good as well. This lock is truly the solution for smart, safe, and easy access!

Our XLOCK Gateway upgrade allows you to unlock your door while not being home and monitor all activity remotely. You are able to manage and control access from anywhere.


Suitable for iOS and Android smartphones. // A single Swipe to unlock.

Using the XLOCK Lock Manager App you are able to grant instant access by sharing digital keys. With a single Swipe in the App the user(s) and admin(s) are able to unlock the lock. Safe money and use the already existing smartphone of your employees, friends and/or family members.

PIN Code

Permanent, one-time and time-based PIN Codes. // Flexibility guaranteed.

Generate, share and update PIN Codes via the XLOCK Lock Manager App. Permanent PIN Codes are a great access option for permanent users while one-time and time-based PIN Codes are a great way of giving access to temporary users such us AirBnB guests, the plumber or cleaning staff. The temporary PIN Codes can be generated via the XLOCK Lock Manager App from wherever you are – you do not need a direct connection to the lock.


Up to 200 fingerprints at the same time. // Easy access.

Imagine entering your office or home by just scanning your finger! No more need to remember your NFC Tag or PIN Code. Fingerprint recognition is a superfast and easy way of unlocking your door lock.


Use your already existing NFC Tag to access. // Simple and smart.

Use your already existing building access card and integrate the XLOCK Handle H20 in your current access control system.

Remote unlocking.

Unlock your door while not being at home/work. // Gateway / Wifi Bridge

The Gateway upgrade allows you to unlock your door while you are away from home and monitor all activity remotely.

Want to know more about the features of our XLOCK Handle H20?


Use a power bank to activate the XLOCK Handle H20 even when the batteries are dead.


The exterior part is made of 304 stainless steel which is weatherproof and dustproof. It is made for outdoor and indoor use.


You can activate toggle/passage mode to keep the door open when having people over or keeping a space open at certain times.


Every time you want to lock the door and engage the deadbolt, you just have to lift the handle up. This works from both inside and outside.


Continuous battery status

Keyless Entry – XLOCK Lock Manager enables you to unlock your door with your smartphone.

Manage Admins – share administration rights to other accounts. Add or delete admins any time you want.

Manage Users – Know who has access to your lock and how. Add or delete users any time you want.

Logfiles – Get a report of who has had access at what time.